Northern Explorer is providing tours in a particular way and gives everybody the unique opportunity to experinece nature in an adventurous way. We offer a great number of activities and our tours have been designed to enjoy a one of a time life experience. Our activities are open for all experience levels and ages. It is a unique opportunity for those interested in strengthening their body, their mind and nourishing their soul. Our guides are highly experienced, speaking English, Spanish, German and Hungarian, also had been working in tourism all around the world over 12 years. As we want you to have the best holiday in Lofoten, we have prepared the best trips for you! In case you don‘t find the perfect match for you on our page please contact us and we will arrange for you your dream experience in Lofoten. Come with us and let us show you the wonderful Lofoten!

Northern Explorer was born from our passion and love for the outdoors. We are based in the beautiful Lofoten Archipelago. Our team has over 12 years experience in outdoor activities- from sailing to climbing mountain and guiding on glaciers from Patagonia to Scandinavia. Along the years we gained the experience needed to make our dream come true, and we choose the spectacular Lofoten as home.

Our enjoyment of our work comes from the passion and belief that providing these unique memories will give you the motivation to keep getting out and experience some life changing moments.

Our goal is that the memory of our trips stayes with you for years and each time you look back you feel a sense of fulfillment, happiness and peace.
Come and join us, be part of our dream, let us show you Lofoten.
Trekking with Rappel


Explore Lofoten on foot by embarking on a trekking and rappel tour with Northern Explorer. Get back to nature, challenge yourself and enter landscapes well beyond our urban environment.



Whether you are seeking the heart-stopping exhilaration or the calmness and peace, you can find your passion while kayaking.

Lofoten Multiday Tours and Packages


„For a moment I thought about moving up north past the Arctic Circle and becoming a fisherman.....That’s what Lofoten does to you.



Not everybody is looking for the most extrem adventure of their life in Lofoten, but definitely everybody likes to relax and have a wow moment. Here in this beautiful setting you can feel nature pure and just inhale the crispy fresh air. Now we are ready to show you the gourmet side of Lofoten!