Greenland Expedition

Where else to go in the world than Greenland if you love nature, remarkable landscape, exceptional wildlife, iceberg-choked fjords, glaciers and you don’t mind to be far from the civilization.  We have the best location for you and the best way to explore a very unique part of this wonderland.

There is many great ways to explore the island but not one is as special as kayaking.
Few activities give outdoor enthusiasts such a varied range of experiences as kayaking. Whether you are seeking the heart-stopping exhilaration or the calmness and peace, you can find your passion in a kayak. In all kayaking circumstances is the potential for unlimited adventure. Northern Explorer created a short (8days) but very active adventure for every outdoor and adventure seeker who is looking for the once a life time experience at one of the most hidden places in the earth. 

For lots of adventure, beauty, fun and laughs join us on this expedition!

Day 1:The first step in Greenland! No turning back!

During our 3hrs flight from Keflavik (Iceland) or a little bit longer from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq gives us the first breathtaking impression of the landscape. After arrival we jump in our high-powered motorboat, which will take us to our final and last destination of the civilization, Narsaq city.  After we settled in our hostel, we will have the time to enjoy the small village, the nature and of course to get to know our equipment, as our kayaks, paddles, dry suits and navigation. The evenings reach us in our Hostel where the dinner will be served.

Day 2: Lets begin with the real adventure!

The 27km on the first day, definitely give us enough time to get comfortable with the kayaks and use the first batteries of our cameras. After crossing channels, islands as Qingaarsup, we paddle between the ice-covered fjords among the icebergs coming from Eqalorutsit.  For the night we install our camp close to the glacier in a bay with icebergs and curious seals. The combination of tired muscles, the bonfire and the sound of the glacier is the perfect elixir for the best first night in Greenland.

Day 3: The glacier day!

On our third day our paddle muscles have an off day as we are exploring the glacier today. After putting on the crampons and getting familiar with the safety we will spend a spectacular day on the ice. Our high experience guides will explore the area with you in the hope to find a great moulin or cave where we could practice our ice climbing skills.
The night will find us again at the bay with the icebergs and our friendly seals.

Day 4: The floating icebergs!

With new energy we are continuesing our expedition   with an other long day, 24km, into the world of icebergs and glaciers. During the day we are exploring the magical scenario of Greenland.

Day 5: Three glaciers in one day!

Even with tired arms this day will be one of the most photographic day. Paddling along the Qaleraliq fjord to reach the three glacier tongues is already a dream for many kayakers. The sound, the floating icebergs, the view of the three majestic glacier reaching the water is the must see for every outdoor lovers. As we cant have enough from this view we will settle our camp close enough to see and hear all night long this unique view.

Day 6:  Let’s spot the magical whales!

Today is the day when we are turning back direction „home“. The long way will pass by very quick as these area is well know of the whales. Paddling with whales, seals while the water is turquoise blue/green are breathtaking. The night will reach us in an old Viking settlement with full of old stories.

Day 7: Goodbye paddling muscles hello shower!

Today is the day when we are saying well bye to our kayaks, paddles, dry suites and our well-trained paddle muscles after kayaking our last 24km.  Our boat will be waiting for us to take us to Narsarsuaq where the well deserved shower and bed waiting for us.

Day 8:  Its not a goodbye, it is a see you soon!

There is nothing left (sadly) than to fly back home and tell the world about our great expedition. In case somebody would like to stay a little bit longer please contact us and we are happy to recommend some great trekking in the area.
Our goal is that the memory of our trip in Greenland stays with you for years and each time you look back you feel a sense of fulfillment, happiness and peace.
Come and join us, be part of our dream, let us show you a Greenland.

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If you love nature, remarkable landscape, exceptional wildlife, iceberg-choked fjords and glaciers your place to be is Greenland! We offer you the best way to explore a very unique part of this wonderland.

Duration: 8 days

Price: 17000 Nok

The price is: 17.000Nok/person


Min. participants : 4x person
Max. participants : 8x person

Included in the price:
Equipment (kayak, dry-suit, skirt, lifejacket, paddle, navigation etc..)
Tent (for 2 persons)
Accommodation (first and last night)
Transfer from/to Narsarsuaq to/from Narsaq city

Not included:
International flights to and from Narsarsuaq
Alcoholic beverages
Medical and Travel insurance
Sleeping bag

Northern Explorer AS reserves the right to modify the program or cancel some of the activities in case of bad weather conditions. In that case no refund of the price will be made.  Northern Explorer AS is not responsible for any personal items of the participants during the entire program.  In case of delays or cancellation of flights before or after the tour, Northern Explorer is not responsible for any additional costs arising from these inconveniences. We recommend our participants to have travel and medical insurances.