Private Fishing Tour

We all heard the unbelievable stories from our friends catching outrageous huge fish -
well, it is not a fairytale and we can prove it!

There are many reasons probably why you are visiting Lofoten: a must-see place before you die, avoinding COVID, experience the Midnight Sun, the huge variations in the landscape, amazing hikes, wildcamping opportunity, kayaking in Eggum but one of the reasons has to be the fishing! You can‘t leave Lofoten without catching a monster, clean it, cook it and taste it!
Join us on an unforgettable 3-hours fishing tour in Eggum where the open ocean offers us the best spot, view and variety of fish. If it wouldn‘t be enough maybe our hot drinks and traditional snacks will do the rest. Following a short safety demo our experienced captain will take you on a traditional fishing boat to the best spot. Hopefeully after catching the biggest skrei you will learn how to preprare your dinner. After spending an unforgettable 3 hours on the ocean we return to Eggum.
Because of its location Lofoten is one of the top Norwegen fishing location all year around. The Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea are home of a big variety of fish as cod, halibut, saithe, redfish and haddock. The chance of getting a biggie on the hook is guaranted! But we also gurantee:
- Ride on a traditional Lofoten fishing boat
- Local captain with many funny stories to tell and deep knowledge of the sea
- New fishing skills as how to catch, how to clean and grill
- Unique location
- The best area to experience the Midnight Sun
We wish we could guarantee a seasick free trip but it’s weather dependent, at least we provide funny seasick bags!


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Private Fishing Tour

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 9000 Nok

Included: local captain, traditional fishing boat, small groups, all neccessary equipment, snacks and hot drinks

Duration: 3 hours
Starting time: 10:00
Price: 9000 Nok
Max: 10x person