Northern Lights kayaking

The Northern Lights are marvelous and charming. Seeing flickering lights dance over the Arctic sky while paddling with your kayak along the fozen coastline of Lofoten is indescribable and fascinating.
Everybody knows that Lofoten is great for kayaking, trekking, fishing and for so many other activities during the long  summer days, but  Northern Explorer is also offers splendid nighttime adventure during the time of the beautiful winter. Might come as a surprise but there is no any better way to  chase the Northern Lights than paddling on the ocean far away from the city lights under the clear sky surrounded  with spectacular scenery of the icy wunderland of Lofoten.  We are paddling along the coastline of Lofoten surrounded by complete darkness, no lights except our headlamps, with hope and excitment to witness nature’s amazing fireworks the unique Northern Lights.

Lofoten is an unique place to observe the Northern Lights and with a little bit of help of Northern Explorer you will have an unforgettable experience during your winter holidays.
We cant guarantee the Aurora always but we can guarantee amazing scenery and life-long memories. Come paddle with us under the Northern Lights and share the experience with us!

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Departures: Every day 20:00 pm.
Please note that departure time
can vary based on the wather forecast

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: 1400 Nok

Includes: snacks and hot drinks
What do you need to bring: warm clothes, raincoat, gloves, hat, hiking boots, camera
* Minimum of 4 people per excursion.