Midnight Sun Kayak Adventure

Paddling with the midnight sun is an unique experience that we can only do inside the polar circle. This gives us the chance to go kayaking in the evening when the sun goes down but never over the horizon.

On the bright summer nights we can paddle close to the coastline and small islands while enjoying homemade tea and stories about the Vikings.
It’s a great time to observe seabirds and the wonderful colors of the sky.

For this trip, it’s not necessary to have any previous experience. 99% of our guests never kayaked before.

For further information and details about the tour please contact us!

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Every day 22:00

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 950 Nok

INCLUDES: snacks and hot drinks

What do you need to bring: warm clothes, raincoat, gloves, hat, sunglasses, camera

*Minimum of 4 people per excursion.
*Available May to August