Become a Landscape photographer in Lofoten

„For a moment I thought about moving up north past the Arctic Circle and becoming a fisherman.....That’s what Lofoten does to you.

Why Lofoten ?

Located several hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten Islands offer unparalleled natural beauty.
Lofoten is where high and craggy alpine mountains meet crystal clear blue Mediterranean-like waters, to create a truly unique and special landscape to spent time in and photograph.  With snow-capped mountain peaks and gorgeous white sand beaches, this spectacular region of Northern Norway is the perfect place to hone your landscape photography skills.
You ‘ll have ample opportunities to chase the Northern Lights all across the diverse winter landscape, as well the extraordinary chance to explore the bird and marine winter life while paddling between the world famous fjords of Lofoten. It is every landscape photographers dream.

Why take photos here:

Lofotens unique and diverse scenery provides all different kinds of photo opportunities. Whether taking photos of the picturesque Rorbuers in Nusfjord, the awe inspiring mountains that rise out of the sea in Reine, or the range of activities which are on offer here for you to enjoy the scenery from a different perspective right from our base in Eggum.

Doing the photo tour at this time of year (between February and March) is perfect, as days are starting to lengthen but the sun is still low on the horizon, so the light is golden nearly all day but the nights are still long and dark; perfect to chase the Northern Lights. This Arctic lights, the colors and their contrast make this place the perfect location to take the most unique and unforgettable pictures. Throughout this experience, your expert photo guides will be on-hand to help you make the most of the winter conditions. They will share their depth of knowledge with you and get you to all of the right places at the right time to capture the best photos of Lofoten.  Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to photograph Lofoten in winter, during one of the most spectacular time of the year.

Highlights of the tour:

Our highlight is Lofoten! During our tour we will visit the “must see” places of Lofoten, all the places where every photographer stands and wait for the best moment.  However, Northern Explorer gives you the chance to reach the unknown beauty of the area. You are going to visit places, which are only reachable with kayaks or snowshoe.  You are going to have the chance to take photos from the water while the traditional fishing boats are coming back home from the long day on the ocean following hundreds of hungry seagulls and eagles. Even you will reach peaks far away from the civilization and every light and tourist where only you and the fascinating nature will be surrounding you and your lens

Why with Northern Explorer?

From the passion and the love for outdoors Northern Explorer was born in the beautiful Lofoten Archipelago over 12 years of experience in outdoors activities. From sailing to climbing mountains and guiding on glaciers from Patagonia to Scandinavia. Along the years we gained the experience needed to make our dream come true, and we choose the spectacular Lofoten as home.

Our enjoyment of our work comes from the passion and belief that providing these unique memories will give you the motivation to keep getting out and experience some life changing moments.

Our goal is that the memory of our trips stays with you for years and each time you look back you feel a sense of fulfilment, happiness and peace.
Come and join us, be part of our dream, let us show you Lofoten.

James Cripps, photographer

My name is James Cripps and I have been a professional photographer for the past few years, specialising in lifestyle, adventure and landscape photography. This work has taken me all over the world, from the fields of India, to Arctic Norway, to the remote mountains of Peru.

I have been fortunate to spend several weeks photographing in Lofoten, trying some of the many activities it has to offer. The Lofoten Islands is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever photographed, with jagged mountains, crystal clear sea, and in the winter, the Aurora Borealis.

Being able to work with Northern Explorer to get to areas off the beaten track, whether by kayak or snowshoe, ensures you get a more unique perspective on this beautiful part of the world, and will help you to capture more unique angles of Lofoten.

Take the „wow moment” through the lens with James Cripps

Our itinerary depends from sunset, sunrise, lights, northern lights and weather conditions. Th

Day 1:  „Welcome to Lofoten“
Arrival to Leknes airport and transport to the accommodation. During the tour we are going to stay in the middle of Vestvagoy, the heart of Lofoten. From our base we are able to reach the most unique places in Lofoten by car, snowshoe, kayak and fishing boat.
After arrival we are going to explore the area with a short hike where we are going to be able to get to know each other and talk through the plan for the next days. The dinner will be around 20:00.

Day 2: „Early birdcatches the best photos“
The best way to start the day is with an Arctic Sunrise.  We will visit the Ballstad and his area to capture the amazing colours and have a better look of the life of the Lofoten’sfisherman’s. During the rest of the day we will visit the south part of the archipelago, stopping at sandy white beaches, gorgeous mountains, drying cods, small ports with colourfulfishing boats and their red Rorbuers.
After dinner we will get ready for the phenomenon: The Northern Lights.

Day 3: „ All about adventure“
After breakfast we  „ jump on“ our snowshoes to reach the fabulous peak of Lofoten. The view, the snow, the colours gives us not only the best landscape photos but also an adventure which make our time together unforgettable. A bonfire and hot drinks will keep us warm until the cameras are working.
After a short warm up at our accommodation we will get ready for the night, the time of the Northern Lights.

Day 4: „ All about adventure“
What is more beautiful than Lofoten from the ocean? Today, we will spend some hours kayaking around the small islands and their tiny fjords of the National reserve of Borg. The water is crystal blue, shallow and little bit frozen. The kayaks, as Russian icebreakers, are working hard to open the way from the ice, to make the small islands reachable to take some great pictures of the winter birds and marine life of the archipelago. Reaching our base, we will do a short hike to visit the colourful houses and white beaches of Eggum.
A rest and the dinner will help us to recover our energies and continues the chase for the Northern Lights.

Day 5: „Early bird catches the best picture“
Never enough to see the sunrise above the Arctic Circle. On our last day we are not only capturing the best moment and colours of the sunrise but we are also visiting the North part of the island. The famous Svolvear, Henningsvaer and Kabelvaag.
The good-bye dinner is waiting for us on the beach under the Northern Lights prepared on a bonfire. I’m sure it wont be a surprise but the dinner will be Lofoten fresh cod

Day 6: Transport to the airport of Leknes.

Price: 2.200 Euro. The price is based on double occupancy-single room supplement is 500Euro) Included: half board and lunch (sandwich, snacks and hot drinks) Not included: Alcoholic beverages.

Price: 1.700 Euro. Shared house with private bedroom. The price is based on double occupancy-single room supplement is 200Euro. Included: breakfast and lunch (sandwich, snacks and hot drinks) Not included: Alcoholic beverages and dinner.( the house has a fully equipment kitchen)

Max group size: 8 people

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Lofoten is where high and craggy alpine mountains meet crystal clear blue Mediterranean-like waters, to create a truly unique and special landscape to spent time in and photograph.

Duration: 6 days

Price: 0 Nok

Professional Guide and Photographer
All activities and the necessary equipment.
Airport transfer from/to Leknes
Languages: English, German and Spanish

Not included:Flights to and from any of the Lofoten airports.
Medical and travel insurance.
Alcoholic beverages.
Entry fees to Museum, church,etc…


The activities of kayaking and northern lights chasing are subject to weather conditions. The itinerary can be modified due to the climatic conditions to improve the enjoyment of the activities described in the program.  Northern Explorer AS reserves the right to modify the program or cancel some of the activities in case of bad weather conditions. In that case no refund of the price will be made.  Northern Explorer AS is not responsible for any personal items of the participants during the entire program.  In case of delays or cancellation of flights before or after the tour, Northern Explorer is not responsible for any additional costs arising from these inconveniences. We recommend our participants to have travel insurance according to the recommendation of the agency where they book the tour.