Lofoten MultiDay Kayak Course

The course is designed for motivated individuals seeking to become certified as an Day guide and  Assistant Overnight Guide with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC. This course is accredited by the SKGABC and includes the Assistant Overnight Guide or the Day guide exam.

Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC

The Alliance will:

Be integral in ensuring a high quality sea kayaking environment for the benefit of all; be a supportive community of professionals acting with integrity and seeking excellence.

About the SKGABC

Since 1994 over 10,000 people have been involved with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC. There are currently over 500 active members in the SKGABC, including guides, associate members, and company owners/operators.  Guides are certified to four different levels, and Level Three Guides may receive additional certification statuses.

Why become a member of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia?
The SKGABC is a leader in promoting sea kayaking in British Columbia and in providing services to its members.

Some of the advantages the SKGABC offers to its membership:
Promotion of industry recognized operating and safety standards
Professional training and certification of guides
A unified voice to represent the commercial sea kayak industry in British Columbia
Access to our professional purchase (pro-deal) program, and organizational discounts with retailers, manufacturers, and service providers
Additional low-cost training, networking, and professional development in twice-annual Guide Exchanges.
Bonus membership in the BC Marine Trails Network through our direct partnership with them.

Successful candidates will be awarded Assistant Overnight Guide or Day guide certification, Paddle Canada Level 2 skills certification.

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9- day Assistant Overnight Guide and Day guide course with Northern Explorer in Lofoten between 15-25.04.2019!!

Duration: 9 days

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