Northern lights chasing by car

To be able to watch, once in your life , the Northenr lights  should be on your bucket list. Lofoten is the greatest location to realize your dream and Northern Explorer is the most motivated company to help to your dream come true.

Finding the lights is something spectacular. You have the feeling you are on an other planet, especially when you have the chance to catch the famous „dance“ of the lights. Its starting so fast and its moving so fast, its there and the next moment is can experience it but you never know how long the magic moment is going to take, be prepared, watch it, enjoy it and if you are lucky enough you will have the opportunity to take the best pictures forever.

We will meet at 19:30 where we jump in the car and drive to the best spot to experience the unimaginable . Our guides are having the modernst technolgy to find the perfect location but of course we cant promise to find everytime the firework of the Northern lights. The only guarantee is that we will do our best and we will make sure that every one, with or withour Northenr lights,  have the best possible time with us.

Come join us and chase the most unique  experience of your lifetime!

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Departures: Every day 19:30 pm

Duration: 4,5 hours

Price: 990 Nok

Includes: snacks and hot drinks
What do you need to bring: warm clothes, raincoat, gloves, hat, hiking boots, sunglasses, camera
*Minimum of 2 people per excursion.
*Available all year around.
Northern Explorer sends out a list with an overview of normal needs for clothing, equipment and also the exact location for each participant after the booking.